7th Africa Fairtrade Convention


The Event:

The 7th Africa Fairtrade Convention run from the 22nd – 25th June 2021 that was a multifaceted, multiple events in multiple parts of the continent. The event themed “Producers leading the future of trade” culminated with the FAIR Ngoma Awards, which celebrates and recognizes producers across the continent by acknowledging the fruits of their labour and farming as a business and the role they individually play in determining their own destiny.

The Idea:

The event was hosted on the Hubilo conferencing platform with the backend of the event on Zoom Webinar and livestreaming on Facebook. It was a 4 day Virtual Event, 99 Countries represented, 1500 registered participants, 70 Speaker and 30 Exhibitors. Our team worked with the Hubilo creating the backend for multiple and concurrent Zoom panel sessions, Virtual networking, Deal Rooms, Speaker & Moderator holding rooms, Exhibition booths, Fireside chats, Exhibitor Pitch sessions. We successfully directed and produced all events virtually on the conferencing platform and physically in studio.